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  1. A shock sensor is designed to detect a large force. Maybe a photo of the structure?
  2. Hi, what do you mean by marcher board?
  3. If you have set it to double pole you don't need the resistors?
  4. Does seem like decent advice are you the installer?
  5. Unfortunately this forum is for pro installers only You could go to thesecurityinstaller.co.uk for other input
  6. No, I can't your crossing manufacturers
  7. Technically there isn't a limit but it should only be upto 2 on a double door
  8. Depends on what it is wiring too, is it double pole currently?
  9. No I'm afraid they use a different data line and fob tech
  10. AFAIK these wont support anything but old school cameras. Is this an XY issue? What are you trying to achieve?
  11. Keypads can only be used from the same manufacturer. You will need a gardtec keypad Ie a honeywell keypad won't function
  12. It's a professional grade system unsure of the question I'm afraid?
  13. RSS is the remote servicing suite software, designed for an installer managing multiple systems allowing full udl etc. UMS is the end user / security manager version allowing control of users, logs etc
  14. iD is an obsolete product. There may be bnb stock but i believe our stocks are exhausted. Alternatively hkc support addressable detectors on iD cabling but not iD biscuits
  15. Hi Fred I'd look at your other post and one of the teams answer
  16. Anything is possible however lighting is completely different to sounders. I'd advise against running sounders of lighting outputs. Better question is what are you trying to achieve?
  17. The advantage of a hard wired system is you can use any sensor. You don't need a risco sensor on your hard wired risco panel. The pet sensor idea is a whole different debate
  18. Thats for the powerg range of panels. It wont work on the powermax range of panels that are now obsolete
  19. Yes you can use any sensor to trigger a switcher. Have a look at the takex or optex active beams
  20. I don't think so, you will need to readdress and reconfigure the loop. You can add the device though
  21. Yes that looks correct, however be careful with UK bt lines as they are changing to an ip core
  22. It looks like you changed the keypad address
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