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  1. Can you upload an image, when you say vga do you mean vga res or vga cable?
  2. No only on pstn lines. M2M sims dont tend to do voice so this could be an issue. Can you put a standard paygo sim in to test
  3. I would suggest its the pir, does it have a protocol selection on it? Also disable the led. It shoudl last > 2 years though
  4. An omit should only remove the detection side of the device not the tamper. At a guess Z1 would be the front door. I would suggest you contact your installer for support and get the circuit infomation from them. The should supply an 'As fitted document' which will provide what is fitted where for insurance purposes etc.
  5. You will need a contactor suitable for the load. Most contactors are 240v so you will need a 24v relay from the contact
  6. No I doubt its a network thing, there are issues and the team are seeing more with the pstn changes happening that's why I wondered if it was via an old line. Have you tried a payg sim on your network to test its not that that's the issue. Roaming sims are normally used for data not voice as I've never tested voice myself.
  7. Hi, are you trying to this yourself or are you the maintainer
  8. I'd expect success with a mobile less so a land-line. Mobile on same network?
  9. Hi Mike How are you dialling in, from a mobile or a landline?
  10. I'd assume it's an out of date product listing. All product would be latest firmware based on texecom
  11. Hi Norval1 if you can let me know your order number I can investigate this fir you. Ts
  12. It sounds like the control panel has been damaged. The stars mean the keypad isn't communicating with the control panel. You can get various filters etc to protect but lightning is very powerful. It could come from the mains supply, telecoms etc or tge wiring itself.
  13. Hi Christine. Do you have your order number and ill raise this as a support ticket for you. James
  14. Im afraid I cant, however our customers do frequent the forums here so maybe someone will offer their services.
  15. Im sorry we only supply equipment to installers etc.
  16. Yes there should only be one lux sensor connected you should have the 3 S connected but only 1 L.
  17. Have you disconnected the current sensor for lux level and connected one of the others? Bear in mind you should only have 1 lux sensor connected?
  18. The lux info comes from the pirs. You should only have 1 lux sensor connected. Maybe you have a faulty sensor or a cable issue, do you have another pir you could use the lux from?
  19. You can certainly set it up to notify you of an alarm event. You could use the intruder output, but you cant reset it etc as there is no input suitable on that panel
  20. Hi Largo Im afraid their isnt yet, some manufacturers such as hkc have a micro contact with shock but honeywell dont as yet. Tech
  21. Hi Will The eaton stuff might be a good place to look https://www.eaton.com/gb/en-gb/products/safety-security-emergency-communications/security-intruder-alarm-systems/secureconnect/build-a-system.html also the new siemens (now vanderbilt) has most of what you want. There is also a an mqtt broker for that panel There is a member on here that has an mqtt broker for the galaxy range using virtual rios etc. Id avoid simplisafe its not a pro system, like yale etc. There are tonnes of vids on you tube on how to get around the security of these diy type panels
  22. Id have to check but as its a well obsolete panel id say no. Sales will confirm if they have. It must be 20 years old?
  23. Yes, depending on the unit etc. The compact doesnt have comms outputs so you need to use the bell trigger
  24. Just to clarifi is this a csl part?
  25. I'd look at the webway product now a csl unit then it supports audio confirm directly to the arc
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