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  1. Thats for the powerg range of panels. It wont work on the powermax range of panels that are now obsolete
  2. Yes you can use any sensor to trigger a switcher. Have a look at the takex or optex active beams
  3. I don't think so, you will need to readdress and reconfigure the loop. You can add the device though
  4. Yes that looks correct, however be careful with UK bt lines as they are changing to an ip core
  5. It looks like you changed the keypad address
  6. Agreed I'd look at that even takex max at 18v You could use optex redwall sensors but they are an external detector. As Selfmon says I'd look to convert down
  7. Is this internal or external detection But if your using a control panel is this not 12v?
  8. Hi Is that 2 call buttons, 2 entrances with 1 call button or 2 handsets and 1 external unit with 1 button? so one is totally wireless the other has a cable between handset and call station? They are diy products so im not suprised Thats fine so an old standard definition camera (906h)?
  9. If its one you purchased from us drop us a support ticket and we can help. If not try thesecurityinstaller.co.uk
  10. The panel has a total output you need to allow headroom and battery recharge current from flat. Never run a system at 100% be like running the stereo at 10 wr hours a day 365 days etc
  11. Yes just be careful on the current demand of the system There isnt yet but id expect it. There is concern on 'free' apps (they cost to develop and maintain ec) reliability. The free ones have often have downtime issues vs the supported ones
  12. It must be connected to the dcm. You could shunt out the door contact with the lock relay but its better for door forced monitoring to go to the dcm Are these dcm's setup for 2 reader (single door mode)?
  13. Unfortunately when a panel goes end of life there isnt really an option. Although it has done 15 years!
  14. Are you sure you have a gen4 accenta? Can you upload a pic of the panel and keypads?
  15. Something like this? https://store.securitywarehouse.co.uk/product/tkc-160-precision-timer/pt160/
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