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  1. Hi Ian. Screen printing requires a minimum order quantity depending on the manufacturer
  2. The ex35r is just a sensor the rf transmitter is seperare and usually fitted behind the sensor.
  3. You can but iirc the Id expander is no longer in production.
  4. Unfortunately Id is the bus system your panel uses is obsolete. If your a pro installer hkc make a bus system compatible with your wiring. If you have all 9 devices daisy chained then you can't use an eol type panel but if you have 8 core you can run 3 powered devices on each cable. Depends on the wiring
  5. the sd1+ iirc is a 12v device. Is it running on something else?
  6. I've not tested that combination but you will require a standalone compatible tx fir the visonic. The beam is just the detector for connecting to a standalone tx
  7. No reason why it wouldn't work, but I'd use the viper glx sensors, nice adjustment on the shock level
  8. I'd look into the hkc range But use something like the cqr sensa as you will need a wired ball for backlit
  9. I would only advise 1 device per zone but if latching you can have more
  10. the spk input is just that. its not a switched input connection. You need to use the spk connection on the panel. However on that panel i would use a dedicated 16 Ohm speaker rather than a combined. If using a combined use something with a low and a high input and use outputs instead of speaker
  11. Im not fully understanding the question? Its difficult to suggest detector layout etc without a drawing with scale. The units are easy to setup for a professional installer but are not diy consumer products The parts listed wont work together without some sort of switching unit. This will depend on the sites requirements
  12. Secware_Tech6

    CCTV Basic System

    It's difficult to suggest anything without assuming lots of info. The only way to be sure is to survey the site. Most systems are kits however they always have compromises by there nature First look at your desired views then light levels etc. All cameras are not equal. Once you have your chosen cameras and probably detectors look at the dvr. Backplane bitrate, channel bitrate are things to consider. Imo you want at least 4mb/s for 2mp 6 plus for 4. Then storage issues, hard drive types etc There are kits but they are designed to be used for budgets not well designed systems
  13. Optex detectors are UL tested, but dont have adjustment (unsure why this is needed) but could use a bracket. Also IIRC the takex units are UL too James
  14. 24v will limit your choice, but all you need is a detector that has ul approval? No other requirement?
  15. They are the bell tamper and trigger connections from memory (as the 800l is long obsolete) -r is tamper return S is bell trigger ST is strobe
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