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  1. I'd be cautious of those units as they don't seem to be meet 50131 They maybe OK I don't see a dt will help a movement sensor isn't intelligent enough to determine object size ie pet vs human crawling etc.
  2. I'm not a fan of pet sensors anyway but I'm afraid I don't know of a ceiling detector. You can of course use a standard sensor with ceiling bracket. The best way in any system with pets is peremiter protection not space protection
  3. Agreed I doubt both sensors are faulty
  4. Also when powering off will also reset the sensors
  5. I would suggest it's a sensor if adjusting the lux brings it back. Have you tried another lux input from another sensor?
  6. I'd check the wiring between the panel and the sab. The links should be removed when wiring in. This is done to prove the panel is functioning on first power up.
  7. Yeah sure. Im just hoping to prove if its the sensor or the switcher. Disconnecting the L wire should make it come on all the time regardless of pot position so that will prove if its a switcher or sensor issue TS
  8. yes both L connections. I think it just uses z1 L for both but ill check once we have proved that.
  9. it could be the switcher then. If you disconnect the L wire on both zones and it functions then its the pir. If it doesnt then its the switcher. How old are the PIRs?
  10. They only thing to do next is to disconnect the L. On the switcher the L is the Lux signal from the PIR. Is this happening on both zones or just 1? I have had it where the light level slightly changes nigh by night etc, It maybe you have a switcher issue but they are pretty solid as a rule
  11. Thats great. Wnated to check you hadnt got 2 L wires connected. Id adjust the Lux pot to minimum and see if the lights work all the time (ie daylight too)
  12. LDR failing on the PIR, Movement of the POT, increased resisitance in a join in the pir could be many reasons. If the switcher thinks it is daylight it wont turn the lights on when activated. Id just confirm its not that before we blame the switcher.
  13. Hi there. Id suggest if manual is working its probably the lux level. Can you upload an image of how the switcher is wired. Mainly the low voltage connections. TS
  14. I doubt moving stuff in a cupboard would cause a pcb fault. Can you upload a photo of the panel showing the connection you have disconnected
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