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  1. Id have to check but as its a well obsolete panel id say no. Sales will confirm if they have. It must be 20 years old?
  2. Yes, depending on the unit etc. The compact doesnt have comms outputs so you need to use the bell trigger
  3. Just to clarifi is this a csl part?
  4. I'd look at the webway product now a csl unit then it supports audio confirm directly to the arc
  5. There isnt anything that will connect to the panel etc. You could add audio confirmation so the arc can perform audio confirmation. Or is this something the end user wants to do?
  6. Hi Steve Im in tech support have you contacted us on the chat or ticket system etc?
  7. Thats a 3MP IP camera as far as I can see. What is it connected to currently? You will need to reprogram the NVR as a minimum if changing these cameras they are not like AHD etc
  8. No Those cameras are AHD (2MP) and the dvr is using the old standard def (0.4mp). You need an AHD dvr ie https://www.securitywarehouse.co.uk/catalog/cctv-c-1/digital-recorders-c-1_23/digital-video-recorders-dvr-c-1_23_126/14-channel-dvr-c-1_23_126_130/secware-4-channel-analogip-dvr-no-hdd-p-5318.html
  9. Assuming its just a std device on its own circuit a 12v opto smoke detector such as https://www.securitywarehouse.co.uk/catalog/intruder-alarm-c-36/smoke-detectors-c-36_40/honeywell-12v-non-latching-detector-base-p-2277.html and https://www.securitywarehouse.co.uk/catalog/intruder-alarm-c-36/smoke-detectors-c-36_40/honeywell-optical-smoke-detector-eco1003a-p-2448.html
  10. If its critical id recommend a polled device. A polled device checks its path is available and will report if the path fails remotely If its not critical then a gsm dialler will do some thing like https://www.securitywarehouse.co.uk/catalog/intruder-alarm-c-36/remote-signalling-c-36_57/menvier-sd3-speech-dialler-p-736.html
  11. Your over thinking it Imo. You can't stop a working system from activating when opening the external sounder. Just get up to it, open it and remove the battery. Then disconnect o can't be more helpful on an open forum
  12. Depends on your panel. Im not a fan of 3rd party rf interfaces as you dont get any diagnostic data, warnings of problems etc. Ideally you want a 2 way rf system and the only way to do that is with a 2 way control panel. You can add the sensors but you need t program out supervision if the detectors are going out of range all the time
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