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  2. Dear Sir/Madam Just enquiring about a laser break beam that will operate a light on and off we have 100 mtr drive with no lighting at entrance but lighting at courtyard was wanting to put a laser break at beginning of drive instead of PIR as the is a lot of trees around Can you help please Many thanks John
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  4. I don't think so, you will need to readdress and reconfigure the loop. You can add the device though
  5. Yes that looks correct, however be careful with UK bt lines as they are changing to an ip core
  6. When installing the 205 0001 to a Sita 200 plus panel, can this be installed without software being required?
  7. I have an Infinite Prime Alarm System installed. The alarm system has a PSTN module which I want to setup.I intend to run a two wires (blue/white and white/blue) from the master socket to the micro filter marked ‘from VDSL Line’.The two ‘OUT’ wires marked ‘To Modem’ would go to the two terminals on the PSTN module. Is this correct?Is the PSTN module performing like a modem? I do apologise for my lack of ignorance regarding the function of a PSTN module.Thanks
  8. I have the exact same problem. It worked absolutely fine, then I did a factory reset, and ever since then I have been unable to access the user menu when dialling in, but pressing 9 after confirmation works. I haven't yet found a solution.
  9. It looks like you changed the keypad address
  10. Just reduced the volume on the keypad by pressing and holding D then typing code 2000 to get into keypad menu. Adjusted to volume 1 and the sound reduce as this was completed. Pressed A to save and exit but keypad is frozen and no button works now. I can’t reset using numbers, proximity tag, key fob or app as access is denied. Need advice as to get the alarm working again. Help please.
  11. Agreed I'd look at that even takex max at 18v You could use optex redwall sensors but they are an external detector. As Selfmon says I'd look to convert down
  12. Just use a low cost dc-dc converter to step 24v down to 12v. Easier than sourcing 24v sensors.
  13. This is for internal detection. The alarm controller is designed for a commercial vehicle that runs on a 24v supply. The supplied sensors are ultrasonic intended for use in the confined space of a truck cab and therefore not suitable for the wide space on a bus with draughts around the doors. The alarm box has auxiliary connections for normally open or closed contacts which the manufacturer has advised could be used with a regular internal PIR that will operate on a 24v supply (but they do not supply)
  14. Is this internal or external detection But if your using a control panel is this not 12v?
  15. I am looking for some alarm PIR sensors that will operate on a 24v DC supply for use on a double-decker bus that is being converted to a Men’s Shed workshop. The standard bus supply is 24v and the alarm contacts would need to be either N/O or N/C as the alarm control panel does not use EOL resistors. Please could you suggest some suitable devices.
  16. Hi Is that 2 call buttons, 2 entrances with 1 call button or 2 handsets and 1 external unit with 1 button? so one is totally wireless the other has a cable between handset and call station? They are diy products so im not suprised Thats fine so an old standard definition camera (906h)?
  17. Hi I’m after a smart doorbell with led screen possible two call points with camera for outside. One on battery and one has cats 5 cable to customer wants it going to his phone if he is out. Don’t want ring also had bad experience with hik that has same looking outside button as ring. Also need fixed turret outdoor camera low definition with I.r anolouge
  18. If its one you purchased from us drop us a support ticket and we can help. If not try thesecurityinstaller.co.uk
  19. Good Afternoon, Can anyone assist, I’m not a registered installer for Honeywell, but have a personal Galaxy Alarm which I have recently upgraded. My current version of the RSS software doesn’t accept the V7 firmware on the panel. I need the RSS software patch which is freely available to installers. Honeywell won’t assist Can anyone help please?
  20. The panel has a total output you need to allow headroom and battery recharge current from flat. Never run a system at 100% be like running the stereo at 10 wr hours a day 365 days etc
  21. Thank you for your answer. Could you just elaborate for me on what current demand of the system means and what to be careful of?
  22. Yes just be careful on the current demand of the system There isnt yet but id expect it. There is concern on 'free' apps (they cost to develop and maintain ec) reliability. The free ones have often have downtime issues vs the supported ones
  23. Will Eaton I-ON40H panel work with Rapier 6510 sounder? Is there a cloud subscription fee to pay for Eaton I-ON40H e.g. for image verification emails?
  24. It must be connected to the dcm. You could shunt out the door contact with the lock relay but its better for door forced monitoring to go to the dcm Are these dcm's setup for 2 reader (single door mode)?
  25. Unfortunately when a panel goes end of life there isnt really an option. Although it has done 15 years!
  26. Hi guys Let's see if someone can help me. I have a GD520, i have some zones set as 24h Function ( doors ), assined to diferent groups, those zones are already connected to existent RIO's EX: 3012. Now in some doors we installed DCM's, ( for entrace control propose only, not to lock doors ) card reader entry , REX to exit. Again EX: DCM301- DCM Reader 3011. On DCM i have only connected the reader and the REX button, the magnetic contact is connected to zone 3012 Problem: When acessing the door by pushing the panic bar, zone 3012 sets an allarm on group, this is w
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