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  2. Need a replacement wired room sensor please. Old system runs from Scantronic 9600 keypad. Not sure what would be a sensor match for either of those in attached images. Image 5186 is of original that came with system and image 5187 is a Rokonet fitted later. Thanks. IMG_5186.jpeg.crdownload IMG_5187.jpeg.crdownload
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  4. is it just the tranmitter that has failed?
  5. As discussed, the engineer has stated the part on site that need replacing is a 2500-R Sender.. We do typically use the SNT Duo-Link-HD unit, would there be anything to stop us using this in lieu of the 2500-R?
  6. Are you wanting to send 2 hd images down the same coax? If so what resolution?
  7. Hi Razza the eurosec does indeed support more than on keypad. Your maintainer can add an additional keypad to it.
  8. We have a Eurosec g2 lcd keypad and all is working great , it’s in the hall and I would like to know if it would be possible to link / daisy chain another keypad directly behind it in the garage and it would all still work . Would be great to have one in there as we cycle to work and have to unlock the house go in to the hall turn off the alarm before opening the garage door .
  9. Secware_Tech6

    SNT Query

    Is there an SNT that you can use for 2 Turbo/HD images if you are upgrading the analogue cameras to HD
  10. I don't have a fundamental wiring issue. Where in what I have said over the past 5 days have I confirmed a wiring issue? My question was can I upgrade what I have, and whoever is responding to my questions and responses has gradually decided that I have fundamental wiring issue? I will request that this ticket enquiry is closed as I have gained nothing but delay and ultimately time wasted on my question even when I took the effort to illustrate the system I currently use which is working with some minor faults after 28 years..
  11. upgrading equipment wont help if you have fundamental wiring issues Most 2 wire stuff has a 50m limit depending on cable
  12. Hi again, Based on your last responses above, what audio video intercom systems work on a 2 wire system? I suspect I also have a cross wire on my main Bell system outside front door panel and that is currently causing 2 handsets to buzz into them jointly. As for audio it may be what you are suggesting but it also seems like the main panel's audio speaker is a bit defective. Thank you, Eric
  13. This is a windows .Net app as with all software test on your site before using. It works with ours and we use it daily SW-images.zip
  14. We have decided to release this software we use in house. We use a heavily modified Zen Cart system for our platform. We have various tools that we use the hook into this platform and one of them is for the new product team. We use this application to upload images of the products and modify existing products etc. Ive created a quick video of it in action here The app is to ease uploading of images and pdf files. We use it internally. Using it you select your image as high res as possible, then select upload. The app can upload via SMB, FTP or just save to local machine. It saves in the zencart format to allow large, medium and small files and automatically names the images as required and in the correct folder. It also supports multiple images per product with auto upload. Other uses is upload of pdf's. We use this for the product datasheets. Buttons hopefully are obvious. It has been modified to allow others to use it for their zencarts. The browser button is just to allow tests of layout etc on product number. Any feedback or new features changes let us know, im sure if its useful to others it will be useful to us.
  15. My initial concern is that BT cable isnt ideal for Video but OK for audio. Looking at your images it isnt cat5 cable. You me be better with a 2 wire system depending on the ranges involved I assume you have standard parallel audio (ie call is seperate but audio is common. If your having issues on that cable with audio only video and audio is highly probably to be an issue
  16. Hi, Can you assess the imagery I am attaching to this thread please? All I know is that it is a 4 station Bell Systems audio only intercom system which was installed in my family home in 1994. It has been very reliable but has encountered some handset and audio quality issues over the past 2 years. I would therefore like to know if the current Bell BS4 4 station video system you have online below can be able to be installed and effectively upgrade what I have described above? https://www.securitywarehouse.co.uk/catalog/access-control-c-27/video-c-27_34/bell-bs4-bellissimo-4-station-video-system-p-6296.html Thank you, Eric
  17. Hi Eric What system do you have currently and how is is cabled / wired. ie what type and size of cables run where?
  18. Hello I am Eric who made the telephone enquiry earlier today. I have an existing Standard Panel Bell Intercom System, and would like to understand how to upgrade this Bell intercom system with the latest Bell BS4 Bellissimo 4 Station Video System?
  19. Looking to update current system with the Bell BS4 Bellissimo 4 Station Video System
  20. Aspect L-TU-IP4M-Z-1 IP Camera Do you know default password? Will the camera stream in ONVIF mode, what decoding formats?
  21. Give me some weeks to implement these things and be sure of positive results. I'll be giving feedback. Thanks a lot Tech6.
  22. Screening your cables (without the earth connected screened cable is worse than non screened) is certainly your best starting point Ideally change 1 thing ata a time till you track it down. Intermittent faults are a pia to find
  23. Correct Id drop it to like 50ms on all circuits and hopefully iy does it all the time. Then you can trackit down Or put it 800ms (highest alowed under the standards even though the panel will go slower) to see if it 'hides' the problem I would say it isnt an equipment problem id say its interference. rf etc Id be looking for RF noise but i dont know the site etc
  24. Yes, I got it, thanks. Just one thing: if the cable has a screening wire, I don't need to also connect the spare cores to earth, just the screening wire, right? Haven't done it yet, because of what you wrote earlier: This gave me an idea. One of my outdoor detectors has a function of activating the alarm relay contacts for 10 secs, whenever there is a detection event, to activate a surveillance camera. I don't have that function On (DIP Switch setting), but I am wondering if that could be malfunctioning, so I closed that zone inside the detector with a 1k resistor - circuit not going through the detector. I'll see what happens in the next days, but I don't believe that is the cause because that should give a high resistance only in that detector, I think. I can change the response time next, but I have to understand it first. Guide me please: I should change the response time of one zone (to 10 msecs?)at a time and see what happens. If the issue is gone, it means that zone is responsible? But if that is the problem, shouldn't that be happening only with one zone, or one type of detectors/brand/model, and not randomly with many zones with different detectors/brand/model?
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