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  3. Hi there, my name is Eva Wilson. I've been working for over 20 years in IT sector, as Project Manager, Team Leader and focused mainly in areas of IT services, e-Learning and consulting and now a days I am working for online thesis help.
  4. I'd assume it's an out of date product listing. All product would be latest firmware based on texecom
  5. Hi, I run SelfMon and can help you configure your system remotely. I've set up many systems this way for customers previously. All you need is a list of what you've connected and the layout. Contact me at selfmon and I'll help you out. Stuart.
  6. Hi All, I have a Galaxy Flex 20 panel installed with x10 PIR's, x2 door contacts, SMS & ethernet module. I need somebody with Galaxy Flex knowledge to commission all of the above (including GXRemote app). Please PM me if interested with anticipated costs. Cheers G
  7. GuyP

    Guy P

    Hi there I'm thinking about installing the Telecom Elite Premier 48 in our home and I'd like to use the Connect communicator module. This module requires firmware version 4 but the SW website indicates that control panel is supplied with version 3. Is this the case, or is the website out of date? If it does come with version 3 then can it be upgraded and how? Are any extra parts such as PC communicator boards required? Many thanks Guy
  8. Hi Norval1 if you can let me know your order number I can investigate this fir you. Ts
  9. Hi has anyone ordered the Honeywell flex 20 pnl small box + Mk7 and Ethernet ? £154.97 mines arrived today a metal box without the Ethernet I was under the impression it was the small plastic box with the Ethernet module mom also unable to contact anyone
  10. Dear Billbill, Can you please advise the order number this post is relating to by contacting us on https://store.securitywarehouse.co.uk/support-systems/ I will then be able to advse what has happened to your order for you. Kind Regards Support
  11. Order processing does seem to be very slow. I have been waiting eight days and still my order says 'picking'. No word from SW, they have had my money. Job was planned for today. Now I'm sitting here apologising to the customer & watching YouTube videos instead of earning money. If there are stock issues why not tell us immediately so we can choose to order elsewhere? Think I will have another look for suppliers that offer faster dispatch and on-line stock levels. My order is standard stuff, so should all be ex-stock items. In this day in age, is it unreasonable to expect orders to not even
  12. It sounds like the control panel has been damaged. The stars mean the keypad isn't communicating with the control panel. You can get various filters etc to protect but lightning is very powerful. It could come from the mains supply, telecoms etc or tge wiring itself.
  13. The keypad panel on my Flex 20 is showing a series of stars. Whilst I was away we had a thunder storm which knocked out my internet (it impacted the router). It also appears to have knocked out the intruder alarm, which sat next to it. When I went to check it there was no power coming out from the panels 15v power supply. I subsequently plugged in a 12 volt one which powered up the alarm and the keypad, which is now displaying a series of stars / asterisks, and is non responsive. I assume this is because the alarm system needs 15 volts to fully function and the batteries have been
  14. Hi Christine. Do you have your order number and ill raise this as a support ticket for you. James
  15. Hi,Placed an order on the 29/08/2020 payment has been processed how long for delivery please.
  16. Im afraid I cant, however our customers do frequent the forums here so maybe someone will offer their services.
  17. Lee

    Voltek 1812

    Could you recommend anyone at all please?
  18. Im sorry we only supply equipment to installers etc.
  19. Lee

    Voltek 1812

    Are you in Halesowen? I live in Hagley. Do you have an engineer who could come out to my property?
  20. Lee

    Voltek 1812

    Sorry I simply do not understand what you mean by 3 S and 1 L? Are you saying I need to disconnect 2 of the PIR units, set the lux to the only remaining PIR and then when it works correctly I connect the 2 I have disconnected? Seems difficult and didn’t need to do this when I replaced the 1812 unit last time. Is this correct?
  21. Yes there should only be one lux sensor connected you should have the 3 S connected but only 1 L.
  22. Lee

    Voltek 1812

    No - I have 3 pir units around my property. So are you saying I should disconnect two of them and only have 1 connected yo set the lux level and then I then reconnect the others when it works. Sorry I am not sure what you mean. Please could you clarify.
  23. Have you disconnected the current sensor for lux level and connected one of the others? Bear in mind you should only have 1 lux sensor connected?
  24. Lee

    Voltek 1812

    Hi, thanks for getting back to me - there are 3 pir sensors around our building and the issue is the same for all of them. Any ideas please?
  25. The lux info comes from the pirs. You should only have 1 lux sensor connected. Maybe you have a faulty sensor or a cable issue, do you have another pir you could use the lux from?
  26. Hi, I have a Voltek 1812 controller and the lux setting does not work. So I bought a new 1812 complete and still no good. It either senses and works both day and night or if I turn down the lux setting nothing works. The TLX override works fine. I have followed the instructions but simply cannot get it to work correctly. Very simply just to come on when it dark. Am I doing something wrong? Any ideas.
  27. You can certainly set it up to notify you of an alarm event. You could use the intruder output, but you cant reset it etc as there is no input suitable on that panel
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