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  2. No reason why it wouldn't work, but I'd use the viper glx sensors, nice adjustment on the shock level
  3. HiI have been asked to install/add 2 Texecom AEB-0001 Impaq Plus Shock Sensor to a Scantronic 9448 alarm panel. (18 months old)There are 4 spare zones so that is not a problem, my question is will the 9448 panel support these type of Shock Sensors or could anyone recommend a more suited Shock Sensor?I will be glad to hear if any one thinks the panel is not suitableThankyouRichard
  4. I'd look into the hkc range But use something like the cqr sensa as you will need a wired ball for backlit
  5. I am after a bit of help. I am looking for a wireless alarm recommendation. I normally fit a mixture of texecom and Honeywell hard wired system, but looking for a wireless system. Just a few requirements : Decent looking keypad. Bell box with illuminated back light Ability to send activation via internet. Thanks Ryan
  6. I would only advise 1 device per zone but if latching you can have more
  7. do you know how many Texecom Impaq SCcan be connected to one zone on an alarm panel
  8. the spk input is just that. its not a switched input connection. You need to use the spk connection on the panel. However on that panel i would use a dedicated 16 Ohm speaker rather than a combined. If using a combined use something with a low and a high input and use outputs instead of speaker
  9. got around to installing the pyronix twin alert and the bell output is nice and loud but the spk just clicks? I have it set on a entry/exit output on a galaxy G3 panel and have moved the volume control. To debug I moved the wire I have going to the bell side to the spk and it don't sound? I even tried using the pull up resistor, still didn't work... I know I was somewhat brain frazeled by the time I got to do that (I even wired a sensor to the wrong zone lol) and wondering if I have missed something.. +12v -0v Spk switched to 0v Bell switched to 0v
  10. Im not fully understanding the question? Its difficult to suggest detector layout etc without a drawing with scale. The units are easy to setup for a professional installer but are not diy consumer products The parts listed wont work together without some sort of switching unit. This will depend on the sites requirements
  11. I’ve purchase some exterior lights auraglow exterior wall , my brother also purchase a zone module and pir sensors from you , but I’m not sure if these lights will be compatible, also I’ve got 4 lights at front 2 in alley way , how many pir sensor would I need and also are they all easy to set up GJD Equipment: 1 x GJD DygiZone Digital 4 Zone Lighting Controller & Enunciator 8 x GJD Mini Opal External PIR (Black)
  12. Stoke Lacy National Development Plan https://mail.secureitall.co.uk/
  13. Secware_Tech6

    CCTV Basic System

    It's difficult to suggest anything without assuming lots of info. The only way to be sure is to survey the site. Most systems are kits however they always have compromises by there nature First look at your desired views then light levels etc. All cameras are not equal. Once you have your chosen cameras and probably detectors look at the dvr. Backplane bitrate, channel bitrate are things to consider. Imo you want at least 4mb/s for 2mp 6 plus for 4. Then storage issues, hard drive types etc There are kits but they are designed to be used for budgets not well designed systems
  14. SRW

    CCTV Basic System

    Hi Guys I need to install a CCTV at my local Chapel to cover 2 entry doors, their is no internet etc at the Chapel and the CCTV is to discourage kids breaking in and causing damage inside. Can any one recommend a suitable basic complete system. that is supplied by Security Warehouse Thanks for any advice
  15. Thanks for the reply. I have looked for the Optex variants but have drawn a blank for the criteria I am looking for could you possible advise of a specific part number or range please. I cannot find any UL approved takex types. Appreciate your help with this.
  16. Optex detectors are UL tested, but dont have adjustment (unsure why this is needed) but could use a bracket. Also IIRC the takex units are UL too James
  17. No other than the spec in the original query above, i.e) floor area (6m x 4m), elevation (2.5 - 3m), single volt free contact switching on motion detection, adjustment in 2 planes, 24Vdc operation preferred, 24Vdc switching on the contact, UL approval.
  18. 24v will limit your choice, but all you need is a detector that has ul approval? No other requirement?
  19. Hi, We are looking for a UL approved device and the Honeywell unit does not have that, please see my full specification below Our application calls for motion detection within a space (floor area of max 6mx4m) mounted at a height of nominally 2.5 – 3m with angle and rotational adjustment to optimise operation. Hence the request for the Bosch mounting bracket. We only require a single relay contact for detection of motion. (switching duty 24Vdc at < 10mA) PIR supply 24vdc operation preferred if possible, if not 12Vdc operation is OK. This application is for the US market and UL approval is specified. Hence the initial request for the Bosch PIR. Tamper facility is not necessary, however if fitted is OK. Pet facility is not necessary. However if fitted is OK. Please can you advise if you can supply a PIR to suit from your available stock. Many thanks your assistance with this.
  20. They are the bell tamper and trigger connections from memory (as the 800l is long obsolete) -r is tamper return S is bell trigger ST is strobe
  21. That’s no problem and I’m happy to also replace the control box as required. I have looked at the installation manual for the Accenta and some of the screw comnection are labelled differently to my existing 800L unit. Please would you advise which connnections on the Accenta control unit, correspond to the following (existing) connections on my 800L: -R S ST Many thanks,
  22. i've purchased a Honewell 8EP416-EU to replace the RCP on my C&K Securit 800L. Please would you confirm which connections (COMMS and SOUND) correspond to C and D on the old Securit RCP? Thank you.
  23. Would this https://www.securitywarehouse.co.uk/catalog/intruder-alarm-c-36/remote-signalling-c-36_57/a5-gsm-alarm-autodialer-and-sms-senderno-enclosure-p-5080.html
  24. Hi The Dycon Mescom Short Message Communicator D6000 is now obsolete, is there an alternative product which I could instead of this? Thanks
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