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  2. If its one you purchased from us drop us a support ticket and we can help. If not try thesecurityinstaller.co.uk
  3. Good Afternoon, Can anyone assist, I’m not a registered installer for Honeywell, but have a personal Galaxy Alarm which I have recently upgraded. My current version of the RSS software doesn’t accept the V7 firmware on the panel. I need the RSS software patch which is freely available to installers. Honeywell won’t assist Can anyone help please?
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  5. The panel has a total output you need to allow headroom and battery recharge current from flat. Never run a system at 100% be like running the stereo at 10 wr hours a day 365 days etc
  6. Thank you for your answer. Could you just elaborate for me on what current demand of the system means and what to be careful of?
  7. Yes just be careful on the current demand of the system There isnt yet but id expect it. There is concern on 'free' apps (they cost to develop and maintain ec) reliability. The free ones have often have downtime issues vs the supported ones
  8. Will Eaton I-ON40H panel work with Rapier 6510 sounder? Is there a cloud subscription fee to pay for Eaton I-ON40H e.g. for image verification emails?
  9. It must be connected to the dcm. You could shunt out the door contact with the lock relay but its better for door forced monitoring to go to the dcm Are these dcm's setup for 2 reader (single door mode)?
  10. Unfortunately when a panel goes end of life there isnt really an option. Although it has done 15 years!
  11. Hi guys Let's see if someone can help me. I have a GD520, i have some zones set as 24h Function ( doors ), assined to diferent groups, those zones are already connected to existent RIO's EX: 3012. Now in some doors we installed DCM's, ( for entrace control propose only, not to lock doors ) card reader entry , REX to exit. Again EX: DCM301- DCM Reader 3011. On DCM i have only connected the reader and the REX button, the magnetic contact is connected to zone 3012 Problem: When acessing the door by pushing the panic bar, zone 3012 sets an allarm on group, this is w
  12. Hi Yes I installed it about 15 years ago and still going strong just needs new keypads as one is broken and constantly in tamper thats why its taped up. The other just looks ratty after recent house renovations.
  13. Are you sure you have a gen4 accenta? Can you upload a pic of the panel and keypads?
  14. I have a Honeywell Acenta G4panel with 2keypads that need replacement. I know this panel is obsolete but it is in good condition overall. What alternative led keypads would work with this panel?
  15. Something like this? https://store.securitywarehouse.co.uk/product/tkc-160-precision-timer/pt160/
  16. Can you please advise which model of your product is suitable for the following application? CCTV IP camera triggers alarm output when motion is detected using a dry contact (open or closed options with the camera settings are available) I am look for a suitable dry contact trigger relay which would switch on a 12V LED light (max Load less than 10A) Ideally if there is a potentiometer timer built in for the 12V output , but without is ok too.
  17. I'd check the output of the psu when it's OK and when failed. That will confirm if it's the psu. It could also be overloading if something is taking too much current. Again multimeter will confirm
  18. Homelink 75 panel – before you despatch it would it be possible for me to speak to someone for advice? My panel currently runs for about 3/4 hours and then dies. When I replace the rechargeable batteries it’s fine again and when reconnected to the psu it appears to be running from the mains supply – can these psu’s repeatedly fail over the course of a few hours under load?
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    Hi Gough Sorry this is mainly for tech issues have you raised a ticket on your account? I can create that for you for sales support if needed.
  20. Gough


    Good morning I require 13, Honeywell IS3016A Grade 3 AM CPNI approved PIR detectors although online you are showing these items in stock can you please verify, as i require these ASAP thank you.
  21. You can but you need a texecom installer cloud account. The com IP allows for direct connection.
  22. I want to cennect to my Texecom Premier Elite 24 using Wintex on a laptop connected to the household LAN. Do I need the ComIP at around £107.79? Is the Connect Samrtcom Ethernet & WiFi CEL-0001 at £76.79 still available and would it be an alternative.
  23. Not that I know to. Cotag have high read range for passive but most hi range stuff is active or do you mean 50mm not 50cm?
  24. The application is a med-range detector, like a metal detector but for passive RFID tags. Since MiFare will require active tokens, would HF basic RFID readers be able to detect non-powered tokens? There is no need for data transfer, simply detection of RFID tokens. Thanks
  25. Enter the manager code then enter, scroll through the events and press enter. That should put you into manager menu. Then select timed set and press enter. Arm the system in the usual way, but do complete the set.
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