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  2. it is a speaker there is no adjustment on it. You should be able to adjust it at the panel/expander depending on what panel it is
  3. Hi, Just wondered if you could tell me please how to change the volume on the 16 ohm speaker? I have one but can’t figure it out. Are they just one volume or is it changed at the panel? There is no adjustment at the keypad. https://www.securitywarehouse.co.uk/catalog/intruder-alarm-c-36/sounders-c-36_45/internal-sounders-c-36_45_139/secware-16-ohm-internal-speaker-tampered-grade-3-p-5040.html
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  5. If its in the area armed then it should activate. If using udl can you post the full program details I'll have a look
  6. Many thanks, I’ve just found it in the change input, scrolled to garage pir, select yes, it is set as “intruder” and then input area A and B are lit. I have changed the house pir’s that we’re on B to now only be on A. (Kitchen/hall) but I’ve just set zone B individually, and walked into garage, and the alarm does not go off. just also tested setting zone A, walled into garage, alarm did not go off then either. Anyone any idea’s why this may be? Many thanks
  7. Hi, Can anyone help. I have an Pyronix Enforcer alarm, all I want to do is edit Zone B. It currently sets downstairs in house and garage, I just want to edit it to set garage only, but can't find anything in the manual to help me do this, any help much appreciated, regards
  8. Unfortunately no camera with ir will work through a window at night due to ir reflection
  9. Please advise on CCTV camera to mount behind glass (e.g. lounge window)? It must perform using inbuilt IR (if possible), or satisfactorily when external security lights activated at night but, essentially, a Day & Night Camera. It may be :- WiFi or Hardwired; Movement activated or permanently operational; Compatible with 'common' CCTV Systems currently available; Thank you for your consideration,
  10. Thanks so much for the picture, as the saying goes: a picture says more than a thousand words. Thanks a million!!
  11. Super, thanks! A picture says more than a 1000 words. I'll give this a try. Thanks a million!!
  12. The left relay is common the right connection normally open
  13. Dear support, I propose that we call about this because it is difficult to get this clarified via a forum. My telephone number is +31 642 808 478. Alternatively, I can also call you. From your explanation, it is not clear to me where the 0v is and where the input 1 is. I don't have that on the figures in the installation manual. So please let's have a call on this.
  14. The manual is assuming you are wiring to a transister output. As you are using relays thus is not in the manual. The input just requires a switched 0v. You can try this by using a short piece of wire and brrifly connecting from 0v to Input 1 if programmed correctly this will cause the unit to dial
  15. OK, can you please indicate which port that is using the figures of the manual of the Informa speech dialler? There is in the instruction manual no clear mention of 0V in the text nor in the figures. Please advise. Thanks!
  16. They input requires 0v to trigger. As above connect one side of the relay to 0v (usually common) then connect the other to the required input.
  17. OK, can you please indicate which port that is using the figures of the manual of the Informa speech dialler?
  18. You have a 12v and a 0v supply connection. The dialler is expecting a 0v trigger
  19. OK, but how do I know what the 0V is? In the instruction manual, there is only mention of four inputs: IP1, IP2 and IP3 (each one with one wire, for three partitions) and then a fourth one which is INH (the INH input does not inhibit alarms from IP1 but cancels the Follow Me number whenever the panel is unset). So, I don't see a 0V. Thanks for your further help!
  20. as its relay based id assume you have Normally open and common connections. You need to connect the commons to 0v and the Normally opens to the relevant triggers
  21. Well, the Honeywell ADE Informa speech dialler I bought is to replace the current AD2000 speech dialler that is not working any longer. The speech dialler is to be connected to an Ademco 4204 relais module (with 4 relais) which in turn is getting its pulses from a Honeywell Vista 50P alarm system. So, basically, when there is an alarm in one of the 3 partitions I have in the alarm system (the Vista 50P), this triggers one of the relais in the Ademco 4204 which in turn triggers the speech dialler which then calls the phone of the home owner. The problem is that the current AD2000 speech dialler is connected to the Ademco 4204 relais with two wires each while the Honeywell ADE Informa which I bought from you only has one port for one wire per partition. The instruction manual which is provided with the ADE Informa is too short and does not provide enough detail to know how I am to connect the two wires from the Ademco 4204 relais to the Honeywell ADE Informa.
  22. Will Fike Sita ASD Detector with Sounder work with ADE Honeywell Accenta Mini Gen4 with LCD Keypad 8SP399A
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