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  1. We have a TEXECOM ALARM 816 premier LS1 since 2010version V11 we would like replace the marcher boardIs it possible to ordre it or do we have to replace it by theTEXECOM premier 816 8 to 16 Zones control panelWe need more information
  2. Hello , having problems with my house alarm and looking for advice on replacement and upgrade. It's a Gardtec 800 series with 5 pirs. So I have been advised to change the keypad and control box as it is 20 plus years old
  3. First one is I am replacing an old alarm and want to keep the cables but its it's in 4 core can I wire with outbthe tamper? And if so on the panel do I wire each circuit power directly to the 12v aux on the control panel and the two others go straight in to the zone ie zone 1
  4. Hi, Please can you confirm if the Texecom Veritas Replacement Transformer TFM-018-2 is of a suitable VA rating and voltage to be safely used as a replacement for the transformer within the pyronix sterling 10 alarm panel which requires 17v ac?
  5. Can you tell me if the Honeywell AC030 alarm button can be wired with just two wires? My current one which I need to replace only has two wires connected to it and the tamper function when removing the cover still works.
  6. Hi, is the Honeywell 20, (panel only) compatible with the RKPs and Proximity fob pads that I have with my Accenta G4 ?Thanks
  7. Using Duo link and would like to use 4K cameras, will these work, if not how high HD will?
  8. I’m after 2 No. keypads compatible with the 4 wire Gardtec 600 or can you recommend a compatible alternative.
  9. Would like to know if the Visonic 33 kit is easy to install?
  10. I am looking for a Texecom panel to use biscuits, with 2 KP and also want some smoke detectors. Could you recommend which products are best please?
  11. Dear Sir/Madam Just enquiring about a laser break beam that will operate a light on and off we have 100 mtr drive with no lighting at entrance but lighting at courtyard was wanting to put a laser break at beginning of drive instead of PIR as the is a lot of trees around Can you help please Many thanks John
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