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  1. Do you have any cameras that work on a CnM system I think the cameras work on vga .
  2. Brown recessed 24V door contact to switch a contactor for an oven off in the event of door closure
  3. Dear Billbill, Can you please advise the order number this post is relating to by contacting us on https://store.securitywarehouse.co.uk/support-systems/ I will then be able to advse what has happened to your order for you. Kind Regards Support
  4. Can one of the speed diallers you sell be connected to your ADE Honeywell Optima Compact Gen4 panel?
  5. What is the minimum signal of digi gprs to be considered good
  6. Hi I have a storm axs strike master lock in a rooftop balcony door . It’s been automatically closing lately and I would like to know how I can configure it not to
  7. rather than have to also install texecom speach dialler and texecom remote microphone units what we want is that there can be audio verification so listen in if alarm activated so listen into property
  8. I have a Qvis camera model AMB-MB3 which is not working and as this camera is not in production any longer I am looking for a replacement - do you have anything available so that I could just simply change the camera without changing anything else - thanks in advance
  9. I'm considering buying a small and simple CCTV setup with two cameras (one indoor and one outdoor). I was considering a Voltek H264 Full D1 Digital Video Recorder with 500GB HDD and 2 Genie WAHD2EB cameras (I want discreet white cameras). Are these items compatible? What else do I need to make this work? What kind of cables, etc.
  10. Pyronix V2 GSM. I have 4 different voice messages on 4 different inputs. On activation of any input the first number is dialed, answered and accept code submitted.When the call is ended the dialer recalls three more times with the other three messages and the accept code has to be entered for all three.How do I stop the dialler making 4 calls for everyone alarm
  11. Hi i should replace a smoke dectors for a DSC alarm. It's a FSA-410CS, what should i replace it with?
  12. Hi I'm looking for a device to connect to a scientific freezer that will text/phone me if the freezer triggers its alarm. Ideally it should not require a landline. Can you advisse on which products I should consider please? Thanks
  13. I have a Securit 800L+ alarm panel. Fitted by the housebuilder. I need to remove the alarm panel for building work. It would appear the siren is a Self Contained Bell or a Self Activating Bell. When I disconnect the mains and the internal 12v lead acid battery the siren goes off. Would keeping the siren -Ve and +Ve at 9v to 12v keep the siren from sounding.? I have the installation manual for the alarm but I do not have any details of the siren box fitted.
  14. I have a 4 Zone Expansion Unit, GJD040 and a DygiZone enunciator and lots of Mini Opal PIRs. From one of your leaflets it shows 4 PIRS connected to each of 2 expansion Units. My GJD unit only seems to have provision for only 3 PIRs (A1,A2,A3). Is this correct or have I missed something? The two expansion units in the leaflet may have been Solitaire units. If 3 is the maximum can I double up? ie 2 PIRs in parallel? I realise the digizone will not be able to discriminate between the two but I guess it may work? If I was to purchase a second GJD040 can the two be connected together? How would the
  15. I am looking for a SIP dialer module that will work with a Honeywell Galaxy alarm system
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