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  1. Hi, Just wondered if you could tell me please how to change the volume on the 16 ohm speaker? I have one but can’t figure it out. Are they just one volume or is it changed at the panel? There is no adjustment at the keypad. https://www.securitywarehouse.co.uk/catalog/intruder-alarm-c-36/sounders-c-36_45/internal-sounders-c-36_45_139/secware-16-ohm-internal-speaker-tampered-grade-3-p-5040.html
  2. Please advise on CCTV camera to mount behind glass (e.g. lounge window)? It must perform using inbuilt IR (if possible), or satisfactorily when external security lights activated at night but, essentially, a Day & Night Camera. It may be :- WiFi or Hardwired; Movement activated or permanently operational; Compatible with 'common' CCTV Systems currently available; Thank you for your consideration,
  3. We currently have a Karisma Plus wired system installed. There are 9 zones. It is getting creaky, I have repaired it several times, time for a change. Our Ancient house is not good for wifi, so I want to stick with a wired system for reliability, using existing wires as these are hidden. The Karisma uses a 3 wire id device, which made wiring and set up easy. Is there an equivalent today? Or what do you recommend? Integrating fire detection / alarm would be useful.
  4. i have SD1+ speech dialler and would like to connect this to my fire alarm panel would you be able to assisst me
  5. do you know how many Texecom Impaq SCcan be connected to one zone on an alarm panel
  6. got around to installing the pyronix twin alert and the bell output is nice and loud but the spk just clicks? I have it set on a entry/exit output on a galaxy G3 panel and have moved the volume control. To debug I moved the wire I have going to the bell side to the spk and it don't sound? I even tried using the pull up resistor, still didn't work... I know I was somewhat brain frazeled by the time I got to do that (I even wired a sensor to the wrong zone lol) and wondering if I have missed something.. +12v -0v Spk switched to 0v Bell switched to 0v
  7. I’ve purchase some exterior lights auraglow exterior wall , my brother also purchase a zone module and pir sensors from you , but I’m not sure if these lights will be compatible, also I’ve got 4 lights at front 2 in alley way , how many pir sensor would I need and also are they all easy to set up GJD Equipment: 1 x GJD DygiZone Digital 4 Zone Lighting Controller & Enunciator 8 x GJD Mini Opal External PIR (Black)
  8. We are Electrical Contractors (had products from SW in the past) normally install bells only systems but we have been asked us to replace an old system. (monitoring not required)customer ideally want a hard wired system planning to use Pyronix KX15DT`s and Pyronix Databell Plus My question is what would be a suitable control panel 8 zone minimum with 2 RKP`s which will allow programming etc with a Smart or Android phone ? Thanks Richard
  9. The problem seems to come from the battery supply from motherboard no power to charge battery so flat battery will the unit need to be replaced
  10. W76329 is for the Guardall Px panels prior to V5 and it won't work with Px V5 Panels. All Concentrators were obsoleted with no remaining stock.
  11. We had forwarded your query onto Hneywell for them to assist, however sadly having not received an answer have received the below to our chase: Concerning your query about Grade 2 RF Products. Your e-mail had been forwarded to another department for further handling but I have understood that you have not received an answer yet – our apologies for that. Resideo support can be contacted directly via the following telephone number: (+44) 0800 279 3643. They should be able to provide you with an answer.
  12. *Forget my previous 2 posts, as I made mistakes by leaving parts out, so please use my wording below instead, please answer my question about do they** communicate over encrypted rolling code.* Edited questions - Do the Honeywell sensors, external siren and tag reader with built-in siren communicate over encrypted rolling code? Do these - FG8M, DFS8M, CO8M, IR8M, IRPI8M, DO8M, SEF8M, SPR-S8EZ and GKP-S8M, etc. I know the fobs, panic buttons and maybe external siren communicate over encrypted rolling code. These do - TCC800M, TCPA1B and I think this does SEF8M , etc. I am using the Honeywell Evohome Security GPRS model at the moment, that uses the Le Sucre box+. Is the GKP-S8M, which is for the Dominial grade 2 EN50131? As is the Dominial a better control panel to use instead, as that is grade 2 EN50131? I need to have grade 2 EN50131, as I know that is the highest grade for wireless and I need it to be wireless. I know the sensors, external siren, fobs and panic buttons I have are grade 2 EN50131.
  13. Yes Inputs on any expander on the system can be programmed into any area. You can connect a keypad to the RS485 BUS as the expanders including in parallel with the ZEM32-WE.
  14. I need to put 4 wired expanders and 5 keypads
  15. How many keypads can I put on an I-on 50 if I am using 50 zones
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