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  1. Yes. I linked the correct wires in the detector and it closed the zone. So this morning l have swapped the back of the PIR in another room and wired all as per normal and amazingly it all appears to be working. I've tested it a couple of times. (Sure the neighbour's are pleased) but there is no way l could have done that without your help. The only thing l don't understand is how it had worked for the last ten months. Anyway is there anywhere l can rate or review your help? Much appreciated Regards Darren
  2. OMG Sorry forget the last couple of messages from me. On closer inspection l realised l had one of the tamper and one of the circuit cables round the wrong way on 2 zones. I have now put them the right way round weirdly the alarm was working fine. However l have done what you asked me to do last night and now the alarm will set (connecting the circuit wires together in PIR) I have also checked all the wires in the panel with a meter and none are damaged. I have also swapped the fronts of the PIR's and still have the same results. So do you think its the back section of the PIR?
  3. Oh, not the news l wanted. But really appreciate your help. I have a multi meter. Can you help me to check the cable's please?
  4. Okay, done that and a bit of progress, its now letting me set the alarm. What next? Regards Darren
  5. Also after l sent you these pics l came out of installer mode and these are the messages on the keypad first no faults when l put the control panel lid back on then went to set the alarm and received the open zone message. Although the PIR sensor led is working normally the paneldoes not pick up the sensor on a walk test. This morning l have done what you asked and sent a pic. When l closed the PIR and tried to set the alarm it said zones 5 and six are open and although led's are working on both zones neither are picking up on a walk test. Hope this helps Regards Darren
  6. Hi thanks for the quick response. I have attached a couple of pics to help. Nothing has changed since l installed it exactly 1 year ago. It has been working completely fine. So l'm hoping to rule out cable damage. Scantronic 9651
  7. Hi all, I have recently purchased a scantronic 9651 control panel from this site Iv'e also purchased honey-well pet friendly PIR's. I've managed to work out how to wire the bell-box and 9941 key pads but can some one help me with an idiots guide to wiring the PIR's and front door magnet. because I'm having trouble with the tamper wiring (do I need to use all 6 cables for the PIR and only 2 for the door magnet? Thanks in advance Darren
  8. Hi, Thanks, so if I change that remote keypad to the 9943, is everything compatible? Regards Darren
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