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Order in 'Stalled' status #18910

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I've raised a ticket about a stalled order but the response to the ticket appears to have stalled too!


I have checked that the address provided is the same as on the PayPal system, and have called Paypal who have fully validated my address. They have asked that you follow up with them directly.


Also, Paypal have already made the payment to your account!


Can someone help or give me a call?


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Hi Mark


We have received from Paypal Payer status verified, Address status unconfirmed.


We do state on the web site that addresses must be verified, and as I look at your order Paypal have reported that the address is unconfirmed.


We are not disputing that the payment has not been made, by yourself, and the funds released, but when a paypal address is unconfirmed, we do not know that it is a genuine account holder, and we can only go on the information that Paypal release to us.


Our support department will follow this up on Monday, and I am sorry that we have not as yet replied to you ticket





Anne, Accounts team

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Hi Mark,


So sorry about the trouble you are having with your order and Paypal, at least we have now sorted the problem out and you will be refunded back via Paypal,  til they can confirm your address, it was great to speak to you today and if you do need any further help, please feel free to call me.




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