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  1. I want to cennect to my Texecom Premier Elite 24 using Wintex on a laptop connected to the household LAN. Do I need the ComIP at around £107.79? Is the Connect Samrtcom Ethernet & WiFi CEL-0001 at £76.79 still available and would it be an alternative.
  2. Well, the Honeywell ADE Informa speech dialler I bought is to replace the current AD2000 speech dialler that is not working any longer. The speech dialler is to be connected to an Ademco 4204 relais module (with 4 relais) which in turn is getting its pulses from a Honeywell Vista 50P alarm system. So, basically, when there is an alarm in one of the 3 partitions I have in the alarm system (the Vista 50P), this triggers one of the relais in the Ademco 4204 which in turn triggers the speech dialler which then calls the phone of the home owner. The problem is that the current AD2000 speech dialler is connected to the Ademco 4204 relais with two wires each while the Honeywell ADE Informa which I bought from you only has one port for one wire per partition. The instruction manual which is provided with the ADE Informa is too short and does not provide enough detail to know how I am to connect the two wires from the Ademco 4204 relais to the Honeywell ADE Informa.
  3. Will Fike Sita ASD Detector with Sounder work with ADE Honeywell Accenta Mini Gen4 with LCD Keypad 8SP399A
  4. I am replacing old ones of these. On the existing Optex EX-35R units is a sticker 869Mhz When I get these new ones, howh do I 'pair' it to the existing old Tunstall control unit, or how do I set the frequency to 869Mhz? Cheers in advance.
  5. Will these Optex Battery Powered 4 Channel Synchro Twin 30m Active Beam work with The new Visonic powermaster GTX kit https://www.securitywarehouse.co.uk/catalog/intruder-alarm-c-36/active-beams-c-36_142/optex-battery-powered-4-channel-synchro-twin-30m-active-beam-p-3371.html
  6. Hi, We are looking for a UL approved device and the Honeywell unit does not have that, please see my full specification below Our application calls for motion detection within a space (floor area of max 6mx4m) mounted at a height of nominally 2.5 – 3m with angle and rotational adjustment to optimise operation. Hence the request for the Bosch mounting bracket. We only require a single relay contact for detection of motion. (switching duty 24Vdc at < 10mA) PIR supply 24vdc operation preferred if possible, if not 12Vdc operation is OK. This application is for the US market and UL approval is specified. Hence the initial request for the Bosch PIR. Tamper facility is not necessary, however if fitted is OK. Pet facility is not necessary. However if fitted is OK. Please can you advise if you can supply a PIR to suit from your available stock. Many thanks your assistance with this.
  7. That’s no problem and I’m happy to also replace the control box as required. I have looked at the installation manual for the Accenta and some of the screw comnection are labelled differently to my existing 800L unit. Please would you advise which connnections on the Accenta control unit, correspond to the following (existing) connections on my 800L: -R S ST Many thanks,
  8. i've purchased a Honewell 8EP416-EU to replace the RCP on my C&K Securit 800L. Please would you confirm which connections (COMMS and SOUND) correspond to C and D on the old Securit RCP? Thank you.
  9. Hi The Dycon Mescom Short Message Communicator D6000 is now obsolete, is there an alternative product which I could instead of this? Thanks
  10. would the Siemens IMKW6-10 wireless contact work on a Europlex signet 200 alarm panel.?
  11. Could you please tell me how I can pick the updates for the newer panel with the new display panel coming up to date
  12. Would it be possible to use a Voltek 1803 alongside a Takex PR11BE Beam?
  13. we are searching for Flush mount type magnetic contact EN 50131-2-6 compliant, Grade 3 type do you have any?
  14. I'm looking at buying the dualcom complete with 1 year monitoring but I'm just wondering how that works who it's monitored with etc Do you guys do all the applications etc as I'm not a registered installer with them Or do they just liase with me direct? It's just to figure out who the customer would be. Me or the end user. Many thanks
  15. Is this the only Guardall concentrator that you stock and if so is it compatible with the PX range of control panels?
  16. Hi I have a MHF02X unit which seems to have died (power to it seems ok but nothing from the unit itself) before I replace it with a new unit is it worthwhile looking at alternatives or upgrades and can you advise please?
  17. Edited questions - Do the Honeywell sensors, external siren and tag reader with built-in siren communicate over encrypted rolling code? Do these - FG8M, DFS8M, CO8M, IR8M, IRPI8M, DO8M, SEF8M, SPR-S8EZ and GKP-S8M, etc. I know the fobs, panic buttons and maybe external siren communicate over encrypted rolling code. These do - TCC800M, TCPA1B and I think this does SEF8M , etc. I am using the Honeywell Evohome Security GPRS model at the moment, that uses the Le Sucre box+. Is the Le Sucre box+, the SPR-S8EZ and the GKP-S8M grade 2 EN50131? As if they are not grade 2 EN50131 is the dominion a better control panel to use instead, as that is grade 2 EN50131? I know the sensors, external siren, fobs and panic buttons I have are grade 2 EN50131.
  18. Do the Honeywell sensors, external siren and tag reader with built-in siren communicate over encrypted rolling code? Do these - FG8M, DFS8M, CO8M, IR8M, IRPI8M, DO8M, SEF8M and SPR-S8EZ, etc. I know the fobs and panic buttons do. These do - TCC800M, TCPA1B, etc. I am using the Honeywell Evohome Security at the moment, that uses the Le Sucre+ box. Is the Le Sucre+ box and the SPR-S8EZ grade 2 EN50131, if they are not grade 2 EN50131 is the dominion a better control panel to use instead? I know the sensors, external siren, fobs and panic buttons are grade 2 EN50131.
  19. Hello, I would like to buy an eaton i-wifi01 with a 12v bare wire power supply, do you supply the power supply as well?
  20. Hello I’m looking to purchase an alarm system with the following requirements: GSM Wireless Control box Capable of having two real external siren boxes Three wireless smoke alarms Three wireless PIR’s Two wireless door switches And also the capability of connecting at least two hard wired PIR devices Do you have any brands that would fulfill this requirement?
  21. does the Honeywell ECO1003-A require an eol resistor?
  22. Interested in dome - cam/4 4mm Does this require a electrical connection to the mains electric? Do we need to purchase additional cables to connect?
  23. We have used lots of your V2 GSM auto diallers to good effect. One of our sales guys asked me about the possibilities of a unit that will send an email. Do any of your products be arranged to send emails.
  24. just wondering if you stock a piece of hardware which allows you to separately connect cameras and PIR sensors they don't really have to be connected together but would like remote notification of PIR sensing so cameras can be looked at
  25. I have just bought an Honeywell Galaxy G2-12 Panel & Proximity Keypad off you. I am looking for a Proximity Alarm for outside my house (I have one on my van). Is there such a device in case I have prowlers outside my house?
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