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  1. Castle/Pyronix used to do ID, maybe still do, and HKC will take biscuits
  2. Very good, as I have said before they are a brilliant company, if and when a problem arises, if the equipment is deemed faulty, come back to us and we will get the problem sorted as quickley as we can.
  3. Thank you for your enquiry, we do not usually make recommendations for systems, as your installer would usually have their own preference. Each system would programme differently, so an installer often stays with a partticular manufacturer that they have used before, know and have confidence in using and supporting. When you know what it is that is required, you will then find all our prices on line for you to decide whether you want to buy your system from us. All the best
  4. Please raise a ticket requesting an RMA, so we can get this collected and replaced for you and correct the situtaion. I would advise that GJD are exrtremely helpful to intallers, if you want to try talking to them before going to the trouble of removing the item. How ever if it is faulty we will get the goods replaced for you. GJD equipment is very reliable, and we get seldom get faulty items back, but even the best can go wrong sometimes, sorry for the inconvenience to you and your customer
  5. You could use, most dectectors, Optex now make a saver, your could use a Honeywell PIR, like an IS215T or their quad elemnet. Take a look at one or two, and so long as it is hard wired, buy the one you like the look of
  6. I was not trying to say that you were trying to defraud us, all we see is that the paypal account is both unverified and unconfirmed, we have no way of knowing that you used your card to pay through paypal. It comes to us a Paypal transaction not as a credit card transaction It could be some one other than your self that was using your card, as regretfully this does frequently happen, obvisously not in your case. You advise that you sent us a paypal attachment, but as it was sent to you not to us, it is in your native language, not in English, with your translation. We do have these policies in place, and it is our Companies policy to use this system to ensure that as far as possible no fraudulent activity takes place through our web store, we can quite legitimately do this and we do display this as our terms on the web site. We will always refund the funds if we do not accept the transaction. We do obvisously try to satisfy customers orders, and act profesessionally at all times. On checking your ticket I see that it was answered and the refund request has been passed to paypal at 9.29 today.
  7. Can you advise your order number so we can get this refunded for you. It is a Company policy not to ship to unconfirmed Paypal addresses, we do not see that you have paid by credit card via paypal, so we check that the account is verified and the address confirmed, as advised on our site. If your ticket has asked for a refund that would be done usually en bloc once a week, but it can be done from the forum, if you confirm your order number. Sorry you are not happy with our Policy, but we try to keep both ourselves and our customers safe from fraud, and from experience we have found that this policy works best for both
  8. I was not suggesting that YOU had purchased a Scantronic item, I was just trying to explain that there are some times things beyond our control that can slow down returns, we do need to ask you to explain what fault you found with the item, so that our technical department and the manufacturers teccie boys, know what they are looking for when checking that an item is faulty, hence we asked you to identify the probelm you had. We did not send you the Scantronic fault report to complete, because as you say it was not that manufacturers part you had a problem with. I was replying to the post above, which did not state the part returned, which would have been on your ticket raised to deal with your return. I am sorry that I mis typed in my reply to you, we do not have a spell checker on the forum so I missed them when I re read the reply. As it was my reply you were critical of, the team waited for me to return from holiday so that I myself could reply to your post. We do not mean to cause hassle to any of our customers, but yes sometimes things can go wrong, in the first instance that the equipment was faulty, and then secondly when we check the fault, sometimes we can not replicate it, I am talking in general here, not necessarily in the case of your return, some returns are not always straight forward, sometimes because the fault is not recorded by the customer. We also get returns with no RMA and no details of the customer or the order number. How ever we do try to give a good service, I regret in your case we failed.
  9. Once we have the returned faulty item, and it has been confirmed faulty, if you send us your receipt for the return we will refund your costs for the return. We need to know the reason for the return on 'day one' so a faulty item can be returned to the manfacturers, they will not take back an item that just says 'faulty' they require more details, for example Cooper/Menvier/Scantronic require a fault report sheet completed by the purchaser before anything can be sent back to them. I am not suggesting that we needed a fault report from you as I am unaware of what product you are wishing to return, but regretfully returning faulty items would not be something that we wish to drag out, we would try to get it sorted out for you as soon as we can. I do apologise that you find the ticket system 'pathetic' but it does allow each department concerned to follow the trail of your point, so from admin, to returns and the accounts section for your refund we can all follow the deatils of your ticket
  10. so can you advise your ticket number so we can look into it please
  11. Admin took the markings you had questioned, but I am sure some one technical , may be another installer before admin logs in again, (sorry I am not technical) will be able to answer and help you. We will have the answer for you I can advise that hold off plus is hold off positive and hold off minus is negative, but like you I could not wire a bell box
  12. please see the reply above by ADMIN, who have advised what the connections are that you listed
  13. Depends on the state of the battery. If its not been serviced then its charger circuit could of failed along with the battery. If it has been serviced then iots probably just the ac fail notification which can be silienced with your user code.
  14. There will be an engineer code, but it will be held by the alarm installer, and we wouldn't be able to give out the factory code, which will have now been over written on a public forum. If your battery is fully charged, it should keep the Control panel powered for around 8 hours while you do any electrical work you are qualified/compent to complete. As you say the alarm sounded when the power was removed that would imply the battery in the panel is flat/depleted
  15. Yes you are right it can send SMS up to 4 mobiles down the PSTN. Can you advise your order number so we can check what it is insttalled with and we can follow this up for you
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