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Hi Guys

I need to install a CCTV at my local Chapel to cover 2 entry doors, their is no internet etc at the Chapel and the CCTV is to discourage kids breaking in and causing damage inside.

Can any one recommend a suitable basic complete  system. that is supplied by Security Warehouse

Thanks for any advice

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It's difficult to suggest anything without assuming lots of info. The only way to be sure is to survey the site. 

Most systems are kits however they always have compromises by there nature

First look at your desired views then light levels etc. All cameras are not equal. 

Once you have your chosen cameras and probably detectors look at the dvr. 

Backplane bitrate, channel bitrate are things to consider. Imo you want at least 4mb/s for 2mp 6 plus for 4.

Then storage issues, hard drive types etc

There are kits but they are designed to be used for budgets not well designed systems

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