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  1. HiI have been asked to install/add 2 Texecom AEB-0001 Impaq Plus Shock Sensor to a Scantronic 9448 alarm panel. (18 months old)There are 4 spare zones so that is not a problem, my question is will the 9448 panel support these type of Shock Sensors or could anyone recommend a more suited Shock Sensor?I will be glad to hear if any one thinks the panel is not suitableThankyouRichard
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    CCTV Basic System

    Hi Guys I need to install a CCTV at my local Chapel to cover 2 entry doors, their is no internet etc at the Chapel and the CCTV is to discourage kids breaking in and causing damage inside. Can any one recommend a suitable basic complete system. that is supplied by Security Warehouse Thanks for any advice
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