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Galaxy Flex, ALERT-BATT issue

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Installed a new Galaxy Flex 20 with mk8 keypad and a couple of RF zones. Had some previous issue with the tampers and low battery in a few PIRs but that has been sorted now. I have a new 7.2Ah battery fully charged.

Problem is when I set the alarm I get this "ALERT-BATT LOW", ent=CONTINUE SET on the panel, and then after pressing enter "ALERT-FAULT RST" ent=CONTINUE SET. So I can set the system by ignoring these error, but what are these errors coming from and how to get rid of them?


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Actually now, after it's been shut down for a few weeks, after starting it up it all seem to work fine. I don't get these errors any longer. Very strange because nothing is changed and I did shut it down several times before... anyway, all good now it seems. 

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I have the same issue with galaxy dimensions while setting an 'ALERT-FAULT-RST keeps on popping in one of the groups. After clicking CONT'  the system allow setting to proceed.

How do i solve this issue?

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Enter the manager code then enter, scroll through the events and press enter. That should put you into manager menu. Then select timed set and press enter. Arm the system in the usual way, but do complete the set. 

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