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  1. Actually now, after it's been shut down for a few weeks, after starting it up it all seem to work fine. I don't get these errors any longer. Very strange because nothing is changed and I did shut it down several times before... anyway, all good now it seems.
  2. After overriding the faults and setting the system, the log (22) writes: OVERRIDE +BEGIN SETUSR 23 FULL SET USR 23
  3. Installed a new Galaxy Flex 20 with mk8 keypad and a couple of RF zones. Had some previous issue with the tampers and low battery in a few PIRs but that has been sorted now. I have a new 7.2Ah battery fully charged. Problem is when I set the alarm I get this "ALERT-BATT LOW", ent=CONTINUE SET on the panel, and then after pressing enter "ALERT-FAULT RST" ent=CONTINUE SET. So I can set the system by ignoring these error, but what are these errors coming from and how to get rid of them?
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