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  1. Does your panel accept both hard wired and wireless detectors?? There are a few that do. If it does not you will need to hard wire to a detector
  2. Is this for internal or external fitting??
  3. You would need to connect a dialler to an alarm system. The dialler is used to alert a key holder of an alarm condition via the phone line
  4. i've been looking at these keypads here: http://www.securitywarehouse.co.uk/catalog/texecom-premier-elite-keypad-p-2481.html You talk about SMK and FMK, is this kit suitable for either surface or flush mounting?
  5. This matter has now been sorted out. Kind regards Security Warehouse
  6. I need to replace a broken rim lock strike that was purchased as part of an ACT basic pin entry system. The strike has "bell system" written on it but no part number. Can you please advise me as to which part to buy.
  7. have purchased the Honeywell model from you DT7450 and have just come to start fitting it. However looking at the instructions it states don't fit facing direct sunlight or facing windows yet its a "dual tech" that you recommended for a conservatory. I now that me previous conservatory had a similar model but as it was approaching ten years old and the size of a house brick, I thought I would replace it. Is this Honeywell model suitable?
  8. I am considering replacing my current alarm system, it has been installed for 20 years and it doesn't suit our needs anymore. I am looking for a recomendation for a system with the following requirements: Blank Control Panel 2 x Remote Keypads 5 x PIR sensors 2 X Door Contacts 1 x Smoke Detector 1 x external bell box I intend to replace batteries and cabling
  9. I currently have a FreeWave alarm for my detached garage and shed. Working fine but I want to use more wired sensors than the 4 that this allows. Could you advise on an alternative panel? I need 8 wired zones, no wireless, as its for a garage I must be able to arm/disarm remotley with a keyfob from the car and I need the monitoring terminals.
  10. I would be grateful if you could help me. My system has a Flashguard Exterior Sounder Unit 1164 with Xenon Flashing light and electronic sounder connected to a Franzen 3000, installed in 1987. I have bought an Optima Compact Gen4 Intruder Panel, and have got the strobe working but not the sounder. 'Old' connections were as follows:- Flashguard Franzen Connector Function connected to Connector A -ve Hold Off Charge - B -ve Switched Sounder Output S- C Tamper not connected D +ve Hold Off Charge + E not connected F -ve Tamper Return R- Could you please advise me how to connect the Flashguard to the Optima Compact Gen4? Thank you very much
  11. Please can you advise how we reset the security code as our system is currently set to the system default. Our model number is CP8L LCD
  12. I have a faulty act 2000 controller board on door 1. I have swapped the door inputs to circuit 2 but the door pass reader does not register teh card being used. Does the second circuit need configuring on the main system? If I replace with a new board, is it just plug and play or does the system need to be cnfigured to accept the new board?
  13. I am ready to order the subject item, model 18.980049 but need to know the following, Does the product come with the relevent sounder switch, i am wanting to run this unit for staff tea breaks so just wish to run siren to a switch then onto the 240v mains ! Can you confirm this is possible & also if the product does not come with a switch can you give me the part number so i can order at the same time. Could you also tell me how long it will take to arrive.
  14. Your request has been passed down to our Warehouse so they send you the product of your choice.
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