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Flex 20 - Fault

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The keypad panel on my Flex 20 is showing a series of stars.  Whilst I was away we had a thunder storm which knocked out my internet (it impacted the router).    It also appears to have knocked out the intruder alarm, which sat next to it.   When I went to check it there was no power coming out from the panels 15v power supply.  I subsequently plugged in a 12 volt  one which powered up the alarm and the keypad, which is now displaying a series of stars / asterisks, and is non responsive.

I assume this is because the alarm system needs 15 volts to fully function and the batteries have been completely discharged  (checked the one on the control panel and it was down to 6 V) and need to be replaced,

My question is does this sound a  feasible explanation and if so do you have the required parts?

Plus does anybody know whether the alarm has anything to protect the circuitry  in the event of thunder and lightening storms ?

Many thanks





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It sounds like the control panel has been damaged. The stars mean the keypad isn't communicating with the control panel. 

You can get various filters etc to protect but lightning is very powerful. It could come from the mains supply, telecoms etc or tge wiring itself. 

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