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I am creating this sticky due to some of the responses made on the support forum.
When using paypal for payment method we can only accept paypal accounts that are verified and confirmed (UK orders)
This is the same as checking the address on a credit card, but these 2 systems (ie verfied and confirmed) are the only way that paypal allow us to check.
We cannot stop the system automatically processing unverfied paypal accounts, and if using paypal for a first order, and having an unverfied paypal account, your order will be stalled. You can then either verify your account with paypal, they will inform us once this is complete, or we can cancel and refund the order.
In various places throughout the order process this will be displayed, but we do have some customers who continue the order with an unverified account.
Unverified accounts are the accounts used for fraudulent orders as the cardholder cannot be verified, this is why we stall any order so we can confirm the account holder was actually the person creating the order. For example if anyone had someones credit card details they could process and order using it. This would obviously be an unverfied account as the card holder would not be aware of the transaction. As we are a security company we take fraud very seriously and will not process such an order until the card holder is contacted. While some companies do not use these checks, we do for our own and our customers protection.
If you are unsure if your paypal account is unverfied then please check with paypal before ordering, or use an alternative payment method.

We are sorry for any inconvience this causes, but we will always protect our customers accounts as much as possible from fraud.




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