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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I've recently pureched a Wintex software however I can't seem to download it. I have noticed it does say "NOTE: Downloads are not available until payment has been confirmed". The Payment status has been confirmed. Can I please get this software link and / or an email with the attachment please. Order Number: 70219 Date Ordered: Friday 25 January, 2019 Many Thanks, Benjamin Reid
  2. Hi all, I hope this generates some discussion and hopefully for me an informed conslusion which will send me down the right path to purchase. I am looking at installing my first wireless alarm system (I have installed a few wired systems in the past but that was a long time ago) so technology has improved somewhat however I have some specific requirements which I am hoping some expert guidance will help me choose an appropriate system. The property is a new build with 3 levels, there is a garage within the build however there is no access from inside the house (only garage door access), gates to each side of the property and the rear of the property has a 30 ft (10m) length x 36ft (12m) wide garden which leads to a riverbank and a wooded area. access can easily be gained to the rear garden and obviously to the rar of the property. As with all new estates, there is no street lighting so it is pretty dark at night not only at the rear but also at the front. due to the construction of the property with thermo specific properties, I envisage difficulties in gettiing wireless signals throughout the house so I have been looking at mesh (self healing systems) however my requirements are as follows; Zones Required INSIDE Front Door (Entry / Exit) Back Door (Entry / Exit) Garage (See specific requirement below) Hall (Intermediate) PIR Lounge PIR Dining Room / Family Room PIR x 2 Kitchen PIR Utility Room (Intermediate) PIR Patio door (Shock Sensor) Kitchen Window x2 (Shock Sensor) Living Room window (Shock Sensor) 1st floor Landing PIR 2nd Floor Landing PIR Security Cupboard (Restrictive Access based on user (Prox Key Access ??) Glass Break Sensor External Bell Box - Front External Bell Box - Rear Wired Keypad - Hall Wired Keypad - Utility Room Wireless Keypad - 1st floor Wireless Keypad - 2nd Floor OUTSIDE External Beam covering perimiter fenceline Voice warning on trigger with 2 stage response ( 1 warning at point 1, final warning at point 2) Trigger of external lighting when external beam activated Trigger to DVR to increase recording quality / frame rate on activation of external beam All the PIR / sensors both internal and external need to be pet sensitive and the external sensor needs to be antimask / heat and fog sensitive The panel will be located in a hidden cupboard with fuse spur connection - I can wire the keypads from here without much issue and if necessary I could incorporate x10 controller in here if this is the solution. When away, all zones shoud be active however if garage door is opened ability to isolate the garage only(maybe prox reader ??)once garage is closed this should then arm again - the main house alarm should only disable the if entry/exit is triggered Ideally I want to set the system at night only to include perimiter protection (shock sensors, entry/rxit, and external perimiter protection) and if the external sensors are triggered auto switch on the lights and play warning message) as much as possible the system needs to be wireless with 2 way comms, and research suggests that pyronix and texecom are the only contenders however I have issues with both I have looked at visonic and Scantronic but it seems that these systems are not mesh PYRONIX reviews are mixed Panel contains the keypad so not really a good looker No wireless keypads No X10 TEXECOM No wireless external bell box no wireless keypads (although can use smartphone app) only 1 type of pet tolerant wireless PIR No sure of the x10 module works with the 48-w panel Should I treat the external protection / lights as a seperate project and keep the alarm system isolated or is it possible to incorporate all of my requirements into one complete system Discuss...................... Thanks Mark
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