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Found 2 results

  1. GuyP

    Guy P

    Hi there I'm thinking about installing the Telecom Elite Premier 48 in our home and I'd like to use the Connect communicator module. This module requires firmware version 4 but the SW website indicates that control panel is supplied with version 3. Is this the case, or is the website out of date? If it does come with version 3 then can it be upgraded and how? Are any extra parts such as PC communicator boards required? Many thanks Guy
  2. I'am in search for a wire diagram of the A221 flash program cable to program Dutch firmware into my Galaxy G2 panel, I have the dutch software: F118-02-150-CRC-6E46.mot Honeywell software: Flash programmer 3.00 G2 RS232 Lead Part no: A228 When I start-up I select the .mot file and COM1, but after a short time I get the error message: Initialization Process Failed. Retry? Now it looks that I need a cable A221 to program the flash memory, Is there somebody who now how I can convert my A228 cable into a A221 cable. Inside the electronics box in between the A228 cable there are a lot
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