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  1. Lee

    Voltek 1812

    Could you recommend anyone at all please?
  2. Lee

    Voltek 1812

    Are you in Halesowen? I live in Hagley. Do you have an engineer who could come out to my property?
  3. Lee

    Voltek 1812

    Sorry I simply do not understand what you mean by 3 S and 1 L? Are you saying I need to disconnect 2 of the PIR units, set the lux to the only remaining PIR and then when it works correctly I connect the 2 I have disconnected? Seems difficult and didn’t need to do this when I replaced the 1812 unit last time. Is this correct?
  4. Lee

    Voltek 1812

    No - I have 3 pir units around my property. So are you saying I should disconnect two of them and only have 1 connected yo set the lux level and then I then reconnect the others when it works. Sorry I am not sure what you mean. Please could you clarify.
  5. Lee

    Voltek 1812

    Hi, thanks for getting back to me - there are 3 pir sensors around our building and the issue is the same for all of them. Any ideas please?
  6. Hi, I have a Voltek 1812 controller and the lux setting does not work. So I bought a new 1812 complete and still no good. It either senses and works both day and night or if I turn down the lux setting nothing works. The TLX override works fine. I have followed the instructions but simply cannot get it to work correctly. Very simply just to come on when it dark. Am I doing something wrong? Any ideas.
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