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  1. ok thanks. I will climb up one day and check he voltage across the leds. if it is the board can I buy just the board or I have to change the unit? if the LEDs are fault then are they replaceable? Thanks
  2. Hello, The LEDs have stopped working on my Novagard 6 bell box, the siren is working fine though. The user guide talks about spare led holders but not sure if the bell came with spare LEDs in these holders. Can I buy spare LEDS? Tried google and did not find anything related yet. I am not sure if there would be spare in the bell box so thinking of buying them before I climb up the ladder and open the bell box. Any help advise would be high appreciated. Thanks
  3. when I go into set default limit(under nova diagnostic,change/list test limits) it ask me for either 6V or 8.4V battery,whichever I select I cannot change the "on-chg.max=10.2" from 10.2 to something else permanently(I can change it but it reverts back to 10.2)and since the actual volt is 10.7 the daigs report this as fault. Can someone please help me understand why I cannot change this value thanks
  4. Hi, I installed risco cpx with novaguard 2 years ago, would anyone know what onboard battery (nimh I dthink)oes novaguard 6 comes with?is it 6v or 8.4 volts?my cpx panel is asking me this. The reason I am asking is because in logs I get Nov 1 chg(ma) Hi and Nov 1 on-chg Hi even though all the parameters are correct,not sure if this could be to do with me not setting the correct battery volts. the error in logs have been there since day 1 but last last I had a false alarm and in log it said " external bell tamper" and I want to just rule the volt setting out. Thanks
  5. thanks to everyone and secware for adding it on, unfortunately it came a day late as I ordered them yesterday after I found them on ebay
  6. I have not seen any on securitywarehouse product page but do anyone know of any other site where I can get normally open surface contact. are these passive or active(need power to work?) thanks
  7. james, unfortunately my cheap wikes multimeter can only do upto max of 200ma which won't be good enough so I will have to buy another one with a bigger range today/tomorrow. I will update this on monday when I have got the reading.thanks
  8. james, I will do it tomorrow and will update you. just wanted to let you know the psu monitoring is on and is checking every hour and nothing is being reported. thanks
  9. there are 6 pirs and 3 door contacts on the panel, out of 6 pir, one is Eurosec V40DT Dualtec, 2 are Eurosec V40 Quad Onboard Resistors and 3 are Eurosec V40 PIR with onboard resistors. all 3 door contacts are SECWARE SC517/EG Brown, the bell is novaguard 6 and there are 2 keypads in daisy chain. the battery is Enersys 12v 7.0 A/h Battery. also one speaker SECWARE 16 Ohm Internal Speaker is connected. this problem did appear first time couple of weeks ago(when the log said watchdog reset) when I only had the 6 pir with no door contacts and no battery in the panel and no SECWARE 16 Ohm Internal Speaker and only one keypad connected.I also have a old bell (novaguard 2) which I have connected in the last couple of days instead of nova 6 and the problem is still there. how would I find day mode current of this panel and the charging voltage? since the system is hung, I will take the power and battery off and restart it thanks
  10. I powered it on yesterday around 3pm and it was fine until 05:09 this morning when it hung, the screen is showing this time and todays date so looks like this time it has not restarted but just hung. I think this could be a faulty panel and if I get no responce here I will raise a support call
  11. I have powered it off now, when I opened the cover a red led "led2" was on, on the pcb, not sure if this led indicate a error. support, can you please advice. thanks
  12. No I still haven't received them and thats why I requested if this can be send recorded so that we know if the post man is not taking them home for some reason.
  13. when it did this again yesterday, I checked and re did all the cables to be on the safe side but after an hour and half it restarted again, all I see on the screen is euroseccpx 25-26, it did this few times continously, at time within seconds and after few restart it is now hung with the screen saying "oseccpx 2" and the second line showing "01 jan 00 00:00:08" which shows that it hung 8 seconds after restarting the last time. all the pir seems to have the power and when I walk past them the light comes on, so there is power to the pirs but the system is hung. not sure if this could be a faulty control panel? support can you please help. thanks
  14. I have got risco cpx and at times it would reboot itself, sometimes it could restart in 5 minutes and at time it can go on for days without doing it, I have seen it doing it and when it does happen the external bell will go off for 2-3 seconds and the panel will come up with default date/time, the only thing I can see in the log is watchdog reset. I am getting concerned now, not sure what could be wrong, if this was to do with any pir then it should have reported it but don't thing any pir could bring this down (or could it) I am after advice on how to troubleshoot this? but because this problem may go away for days I won't even know if whatever I have done would fix it. I bought this couple of months old and its only been live for 6 weeks now.
  15. elaine, did you speak to risco about the recorded delivery?
  16. well it came up in the log of my cpx once, I am keeping an eye on it and it appears to be working fine. thanks
  17. on another note, can I ask you guys what "watchdog reset" means in the log of CPX? thanks
  18. I am not sure but I do get other letters, I guess I have if 2-3 letter/packs have not arrived but I believe one was send recorded so you guys/risco can find out where it is gone. I thought the order which I received today through courier would definately have it but I guess it was never put in I may think of going to the post office and finding out if I can complain but I would be interested to know where the recorded letter went
  19. Tech6, This is how I had plans to do it. many thanks for the confirmation. Elaine, I have received all the items which I ordered in order number 17983 but the parcel came without the resistors which you promised you would put them in, whoever you requested to put that in I guess has forgot to do it so I am back to where I was which is I have all the items I need (from 2 order) but without the stuff I need to get some of the sensors connected. I think I will get old waiting for this so I would drive down to maplins or a local electrical shop and pick some resisitors myself, luckily 5 out of my 6 pirs are with built in resistors so I need only for the other 1 pir and 3 door contacts.
  20. Ok great, if they are NC device like PIR then I can connect them using a 4k7 resistor I think and it should work, not sure though if I also do tamper connections? thanks
  21. I believe this door contact is a "normally open" device. risco manual shows only shows how to connect a NO device in a standard wiring with common tamper, they don't show how to connect a NO in EOL wiring configuration. could you kindly let me know how to connect this in EOL (or if you have a diagram) are these door contact passive(no need of power) thanks
  22. thanks, hopefully this should end the longest wait I ever had for a packet to come. on a different note, would SECWARE SC517 come with some instructions on how to connect them in a EOL wiring mode(to go with my risco cpx)? cheers
  23. Elaine, My order number is 17983. thanks
  24. Elaine, I apprecite your help but what i don't understand is where the packet is going if it has been send 2-3 times and I believe the last time it was send recorded so it can be traced. I have placed another order today for some other items and if you want you can send it along with this order which would be easier and cheaper than you going to the post office yourself. I can give you the order number if you want, this order should come through a courier(business post) which should be more reliable than royal mail
  25. thanks Elaine, I have placed the order with few other items. appreciate your help.
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