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  1. StuartSelfMon. many thanks for your reply. Most helpful. Given me a good direction to explore. I believe strongly in wires as it is old house and wireless can be flaky. will report back when I work out what I need to buy.
  2. Panel has become unreliable and believe it is the panel not the wiring. I have 12 proximity sensors, 12 smoke detectors and 2 heat detectors. I also have 3 remote access keypads with simple LCD display. I would like to add another 6 sensors. My questions are: Should I reuse the existing wiring? (its an old house and took a great deal of effort to fit professionally). Which system would provide the most intuitive fault finding? Which system / manufacturer offers the most scope for the future? Can I reuse all the existing detectors? Would ideally like to be able to look in from a pc or iPad to see status? Any comments or suggestions gratefully received.
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