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  1. Hi, Since swapping the lux wire from one PIR to another, everything seems to be working fine so the lux sensor on the original PIR must be faulty? Anyway just thought i would update you that all is now ok, thanks for your help. regards Sid Dine.
  2. Hi I am trying the other sensor lux wire as I post this and I will let you know how it goes? usually takes 2 to 3 days before it fails. If this one fails than its highly unlikely to be the sensors as surely 2 wouldn't go bad at the same time. Also i don't know how the switch lux connection works but maybe its not registering the sensors lux input as it should? so therefore doesn't make the connection to the lights? I will let you know either way after a week or so. thanks for your help and support so far. regards Sid Dine
  3. Ok after a few weeks of testing I have come the the conclusion that its the switcher as every few days or so it stops working but turning the lux actuator towards daylight it works again. If I return it to the position that it has been working for the few days it doesn't switch on so have to turn off at the mains and then it starts working again after turning back on. Please can you send me an RMA so I can return for a replacement regards Sid Dine
  4. Hi only one pir was connected to the L so disconnected it and connected the other pir to the L in case the original one connected was defective, but same results. I had to alter the LUX to 3 o'clock to get it to come on at dusk when before it was set to six o'clock so I don't understand why the lux actuator has changed value. As i said since I reset it today I will have to see how it gets on in the next few days and let you know if it doesn't respond again after a day or two. Please leave this ticket open until I am happy its working properly or not as your team have sent me a RMA returns f
  5. Hi I have 2 pir's and 2 zones so do I need to disconnect both pir's? regards
  6. all equipment bought and installed the same day in june 2020
  7. If I have a switcher problem, which item is faulty 1812 or 1819 or 1804 regards
  8. Happening on both zones, what should I expect to happen when I disconnect the L wire? I understand the light/lux variant but doesn't work in any shade of darkness when it stops working. regards
  9. Hi Ok I have adjusted to on in daylight and it works but only after resetting. I will keep my eye on it over the next few days and see if keeps working and then adjust for dusk operation and see if that still works and let you know, cos when reset before it only worked for 1 night then off again. What I don't understand is why the lux position would have changed as nothing been altered in anyway?. regards Sid Dine
  10. Ok here are the pictures you requested. Is there anything I can try to eliminate the PIR 1804, control box 1812 or the 1819 switch so I can try and pin down which is at fault? as I said, been working for months with no problems so can't be the settings, must be an intermittent fault as after a reset i.e. turning the power off and back on it starts to work as normal for a day or two the reverts back to not working again.
  11. Why would it suddenly stop working as it has done for the past 6 months with no problems until just recently, nothing has changed ar been altered
  12. I purchase a voltek 1812 twin zone control unit but it seems to have failed. I have 2 voltek single head external sensors with 1 300w light connected to each pir. It has been working flawlessly since purchased and installed but lately the pir’s show they are detecting but no lights come on so I tested the lights manually and they worked so ruling out the bulbs but don’t come on automatically when detected by the pir’s . I did a full reset and they started to work again but only lasted a day or two and the same is now happening so I am assuming they are faulty. I have sent an email on the 9
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