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  1. Hi Secware_Tech6, I have triggered alarm. Once alarm call acknowledged, I could then press 9 and enter the menu, and then move around the menu using key presses. So the V2 is receiving tones okay. Therefore I have narrowed the problem down to specifically entering the User Code - it works when entered directly via the keypad, but not when entered over the phone. I am out of ideas why this could be. Have you ever heard of this problem before? Thanks, Mike
  2. Hi Secware_Tech6, thanks for the reply. This problem is really frustrating me as I cannot see why it is happening. Some facts: Remote access was working until a few weeks ago. I had not changed anything when it then stopped working. Test message are still responded to in the usual way. I.e. both STATUS and INPUT 1 still receive a response. If the alarm is triggered the dialler does dial out, and pressing '5' appeared to acknowledge the call. I need to do it again to check, but it does appear to be 'listening' to tones. I haven't yet tried pressing 9 after pressing 5 to
  3. Hi Secware_Tech6, I've tried both a mobile and landline. The V2 shows five signal bars (maximum).
  4. Hi All, I have a Pyronix V2 GSM dialler. Previously I could dial into the V2, enter the User Code, then enter the remote control menu. I have not changed any settings, but the User Code is now not being accepted when dialing in (the system voice just requests multiple times for a User Code to be entered, then it times out). I have checked: - The User Code still works when entered directly into the V2 using the keypad. - Status SMS messages are still responded to in the normal manner. Any suggestions as to what the problem may be? Many thanks in advance Mike
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