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  1. Hi, I have installed my first wireless le sucre PIR on my flex system. Everything went ok with pairing until next morning I get keypad message rf batlow. Result: I am on my 3rd battery in 3 days!! So I have changed old PIR removed serial and paired new PIR with the panel and I can see the new serial No. in th RF intruder zone (signal strength is good menu 21). When I do a walk test I get no result from the RF zone. If I activate tamper the panel registers it. When I walk pass the sensor I get 2 long flashes then when I move after that I just get 2 short flashes. I thougth that wireless
  2. Hi, Please can you give me some direction on wiring SD3 GSM Dialer to an Accenta G4 mini panel. I want to be notified when the bell goes off and to be able to reset alarm system remotely. Also do i need to install a relay? Thanks, Jeramy
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