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  1. Won’t set zone a now. All seems to be in a muddle , looking like I’ll have to call engineer but many thanks for your help.
  2. had another look today, changed a few settings, put utility pir as final exit for zone b, and now getting a response from pir/blue flash. But now zone a won’t set. So something still wrong. I’ll have another look around setting now that I’ve got used to what does what, otherwise I think I’ll have to get someone out. Some local engineers are a rip off, many seem to want £150 call out before they even touch it. Many thanks for your help though
  3. Yep, checked today and run battery diagnostics, all G’s
  4. Could you point me in the right direction to check diagnostics ?
  5. Yep,,made sure when I changed it, I’ll double double check though
  6. I think I did that, well I took the cover of and changed the battery, and then it came up as tampered on the panel. So it is recognised my the system, just not “setting” when u walk past it it does not flash blue like the others.
  7. Hi, not using udl. Now have another problem that the system won’t set at all. Utility pir which is the final exit (and was in zone b before I removed it) now not being picked up in a walk test. It’s set as “final exit” still, but fear I may have mucked something up when trying to get the garage to be on its own in zone b
  8. Many thanks, I’ve just found it in the change input, scrolled to garage pir, select yes, it is set as “intruder” and then input area A and B are lit. I have changed the house pir’s that we’re on B to now only be on A. (Kitchen/hall) but I’ve just set zone B individually, and walked into garage, and the alarm does not go off. just also tested setting zone A, walled into garage, alarm did not go off then either. Anyone any idea’s why this may be? Many thanks
  9. Hi, Can anyone help. I have an Pyronix Enforcer alarm, all I want to do is edit Zone B. It currently sets downstairs in house and garage, I just want to edit it to set garage only, but can't find anything in the manual to help me do this, any help much appreciated, regards
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