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  1. Hi all, ignore the above I think I am at fault here, apologies.
  2. Hi all I received my exchange from yourselves and today installed the new unit. The keypads now turns on unlike before. Just to recap i have connected to the system 3 x Pir`s and 1 door contact. 1 x 16ohm external speaker connected to the system 1 x Keypad connected to the system. 1 x Lan card connected. I turned the system on for the first time there were no sounds and the keypad behaved as expected. The Keypad states Euro 46 but not Euro 46 V10 like in the manual also the time and date adjusted itself, i assume this is because the Lan card is installed an
  3. Hello had the unit replace by yourselves and the keypad now comes on :). I have another issue, i will start fresh post,
  4. Hello sorry took me a while to reply. Just measured fuse and set multimeter to 200ohms which is my continuity function and get reading of 0.5. I have found 2 fuses that came with the alarm and measures all and all have continuity. All measure the same value. The fuses are F800ma I decided to remove the fuse from the bus holder and just measure accross the pins where the fuse fits and and i get 12v. What I dont understand is why ain't I getting 12v at the terminals d1 and d2 on the pannel.
  5. Ok I will have a measure tomorrow and let you know what I find out
  6. Right ok what ohms am I looking for for the fuse to be and issue.
  7. Ok I will have a look tomorrow and let you know what I find.
  8. I took fuse out and used the continuity function to test fuse. I have not measured voltage. When you say reading what are you looking for. 12v over the 2 terminals which fuse plugs in to?
  9. Cable continuity is fine. I've measured d1 and d2 on pannel and there is no power at the connections on the 485 bus
  10. Yes that was a quick pic as I was changing keypads over. The keypad was temporally connected to see if it lights up and it did. Its not connected back to the pannel. I was un sure if I had faulty keypad or a faulty pannel. I stated in the post all fuses are working ok. I used continuity tester to test them. I have no issues with the sensors but wanted to Express how they system is behaving.
  11. Hi all, purchased this from security warehouse last year and just got round to installing it. I have wired up all sensors - 3 Pir`s and 1 door contact. I have an 16ohm external speaker connected to the system I have 1 Keypad connected to the system. 1 have one Lan card connected. I turned it on for the first time and i hear a time which confirms it has been turned on. I expect the keypad to light up but there is nothing from the keypad. The keypad does not light up. I have read if i hold down the D key it allows you to select the address and there is no response from
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