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  1. Hi! I'm looking for Optex FTN-R or FTN-RAM PIR. Do yan plan to sell this PIR ? Thanks, Jos
  2. Thank's for the answer ! It's prevention, I want stop "visitors" when they getting in via the Balconies before breaking doors/windows. The hard must : o wireless or hardwared (adding for example universal transmitter like MCT-100) o battery operated. Thanks, Jos
  3. Hi! I bought a Visonic Powermax Plus last week (Thanks SecurityWarehouse !) 1. Is it possible to change Visonic Powermax Plus language ? 2. I've got two balconies : o 2 m x 3 m o 2 m x 6 m What is the best wireless protection for this balconies ? New Optex FTN-R/FTN-RAM ? Do you have other solutions ? Thanks, Jose.
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